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Hans Picard is an independent restorer-conserver and is an active member of the assocation of Restorators of the Netherlands (RN). His specialization is paintings and sculptures, from all periods. If necessary, he works with colleague-restorers. Picard has been the permanent restorer-conserver for the foundation of visual art (SBK) in Amsterdam and the Lending Arts in Utrecht (U.B.K.U) for many years. Today he works for the government, museums and individuals. Picard restored works by Jan Snoeck, Maggi Giles, Nicolaas Dings, Rob Scholte, Herman Brood, Picasso, Herman Makkink, Veron Urdaniani, Yvonne Oerlemans, Theo Niermeyer, G. ter Borch, J. Breughel, C. Fabritius,  H. Matisse and Emile v.d. Stool.
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Picard Restoration Studio is a member of the Association of Restorers in the Netherlands